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    Analyse, Optimise, Realise!

    Sports video analysis &
    GPS performance analysis
    for athletes and sports teams.

Online Video Channel

Securely broadcast your matches over the internet to fans, coaches and players

You have complete control as to who watches what with our "Permission List" access

Coaches Corner

Enables coaches, players & athletes to engage with each other, in real time, while watching their match

A great way to discuss and improve strategies as well as sharing performance information

Sports Video Analysis

Generate objective information that helps athletes and coaches enhance performance

Monitor athletes and team game plan's. Spot weaknesses and maximise strengths

GPS Performance Analysis

Analyse, Optimise, Realise! Reduce injury rates, manage athletes wellness

Use GPS data to assess performance and keep your athletes at their best week in, week out

Student Coursework Management

All video evidence is securely stored in one easy to manage environment that is always accessable

Students have the ability to work across multiple departments (Sport, Dance, Drama etc.)

Why iSportsAnalysis?

Our online sports analysis helps you get the best out of your sporting performances

It's simple - Analyse, Optimise, Realise!

Online Sports Analysis

We are world leaders

We use GPS data to generate proficiency and performance statistics for each of your athlete's. By accurately tracking athlete's performances over time you can monitor the effectiveness of training and improve performance.

Graphs and charts make it easy

Graphs and charts make it easy to monitor your athlete's fitness levels and performances; both on a per activity basis and also over a number of activities within a selected date range making it easy to analyse athlete's performances over time.

Online video channel

Broadcast sports matches

iSportsAnalysis makes it easy for you to broadcast your club's matches over the internet. Upload and categorise your videos simplifying the way your viewers find the matches they want to watch. Embed them seamlessly into your website; your visitors will never leave! Read more...

Password protect matches

Need to password protect your content? Not a problem; create permission lists that allow different groups of viewers to watch the videos you are happy for them to see. Need to add or remove viewers? It takes seconds using our fast, easy to use dashboard. You have full control! Read more...

Sports video analysis

Analyse performance online

Analyse your sports videos online saving you the expense of having to buy licences and installing software. Our analysis provides the athletes and coaches with objective information that helps them understand performance. Read more...

Securely share analysis with your athletes

Give your chosen athletes permission to log in and see their match analysis. Because our system is online team members can log in at any time and from anywhere! The availability of this information helps team performance. Read more...

GPS Performance Analysis

Profile athletes' performance

Upload GPS data from each of your athletes matches. Our system uses their profile information to generate a personalised fitness reports enabling you to define points of fatigue and possible injury as well as displaying when your athlete is performing aerobically, at threshold or anaerobically.

Competitive intelligence

GPS Performance Analysis is rapidly becoming a widely recognised and important subset of the broader process of competitive intelligence. Analyse, Optimise, Realise. Help reduce injury rates (particularly soft tissue injuries), manage athletes wellness and training loads.

Athlete Performance

Quick & easy performance statistics

Athlete Performance uses GPS data to generate athlete performance statistics. Our "at a glance" graphic displays make it easy to know your athlete's fitness and performance. Read more...

It's as easy as that!

View athlete's performance for every match they have played in or compare their performance over selected date rages. Performance is shown in easy to understand graphs. Read more...

Coaches Corner

Coach & motivate your team online

We make coaching and motivating your team easier and more immediate by providing "real time" online communication between coaches and players.

Once your coaches, your team, in fact anyone you grant permission, have signed in they can watch their game discussing performance and optimising tactics as the match video plays. Read more...

Share information in real time

No longer do coaches need to be in the same room as their players to coach and motivate the team. Match performance is now discussed online.

Share and refine performance information and key aspects of coaching helping your players make smarter, more strategic match decisions.

Student coursework management

Manage students video evidence online

The Student Coursework Management system has been developed to help teachers quickly and easily manage student's video evidence required by the examination boards. Student's video evidence is stored in one secure and easy to manage environment. Read more...

Department of education guidelines

In the new 2016 Department of Education guidelines there is now a greater emphasis on collecting video evidence for your students. This innovative system allows you to create a video logbook for your students sports, dance routines and performance pieces. Read more...